Monday, April 19, 2010

Fear Factor

Lollipop Pop's birthday party was Saturday night and deemed a success. I was worried at several points throughout the week that I would not be able to get everything done. Cleaning the house, making food, cake and prepping for the activities in addition to numerous meetings and appointments last week was almost overwhelming. I tried to stay focused and not snap at everyone...almost accomplished that as well, but not quite...sorry, Honey. Lollipop Pop decided on a "Fear Factor" themed event and we had fun planning it. We settled on 6 events, but due to time constraints, only accomplished 5 of them. The kids were divided into 4 teams, decided on a team name and decorated T-Shirts I found at the Dollar Tree.
The kids had fun designing the shirts and some planned on wearing them to school today. We had "The Lightning Bolts", "The Invincibles", "Team Cavs" and "Team L.A."

The first event was "Frozen Phalanges". I had a tub filled with ice and water. I added 4 different shaped ice cubes I made earlier in the week. One team at a time was blindfolded and had to feel in the tub for an arrow, a star, a circle with a hole and a plus sign within 2 minutes. The ice I made had yellow food coloring it in and the water was a light yellow color...Ewwwww.

Next up was "Unlock the Mystery". I placed a padlock on an old free standing mailbox and each team had find the correct key to unlock the mailbox (numerous keys were residing in a can that had water and squished grape tomatoes floating in it), find and eat the "bug" that was in the mailbox(I had raisins floating in jello. That container was covered so the kids could not see what there hands were going into). The fastest time won.

The 3rd event was "The Yolks NOT on You". This turned out to be a favorite with the kids as there was a lot of laughing, squealing and cheering. One team member started out next to a labeled glass. They ran a short distance where team mate # 2 was waiting to crack a raw egg in their hands. The raw egg was then run back and placed in the cup. They alternated players until all 6 eggs were used. The team with the most egg in the cup, won.
"Snakes and Worms" was next and had all 9 kids blindfolded. Team members stood on either side of the table with a foil covered bucket in between them. When the time started, they had to uncover their bucket and find 8 plastic snakes amid a bucket of spaghetti "worms". Messy and icky...just as planned. Our final games was super gross and I will spare you the visual. Each kidnick was given a diaper. They were to open the diaper, find and eat the chocolate, peanut M&M. The first team to complete the task, won. The tricky part was that the M&M was in the midst of a concoction made up of peanut butter,BBQ sauce and Tootsie Rolls. It was suggested that the kids could not use their hands, but I didn't have the heart for that.
Normal cake and ice cream followed before the boys went home. The girls spent the night and I heaved a huge sigh of relief!

I posted this last year, but am linking it to Kelly now. She has a great blog and asked to share out children's birthday parties. Hers are super cute!


Anonymous said...

Wow - what an awesome party! That sounds so fun!

Emie Kay said...

You have just moved to the top of "The Most Cool Mom" list in Abiel's book! You're making it hard to beat!! :-) You really are an amazing mom! So fun!

Twisted Fencepost said...

What a great idea!
I may just have to copy your idea when my youngest's next birthday comes up.

Juli Pittman Skelton said...

This was AWESOME!! My little boy will be turning 9 in October! This just might be the winner!!