Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our Local Library

I have been visiting our local library since 1976. I read the Nancy Drew Series from this library and I kept track of each one. I checked out The Diary of Anne Frank numerous times as a teenager. I took Shaggy and Lollipop Pop when they were little and being issued your very own library card is a big deal. The library offers a story hour each week and I have been focused on taking Sugar Plum Fairy each week. We check out books and have a nice morning together. This week, Lollipop Pop is out of school and was able to join us, much to Sugar Plum Fairy's delight. She was so proud to show her big sister where everything was and how to get there. The librarians hosted an East Egg Hunt as well and I loved watching my two girls searching book shelves for hidden treasures.
These are the memories that I hope they will hold dear as adults.


Anonymous said...

We love the library! Even now as an adult, it still hasn't lost it's magic for me.

Emie Kay said...

Crazy! I and my family love the library! And I just requested the Diary of Anne Frank not a hour before! Abiel

Twisted Fencepost said...

An Easter egg hunt in the library?! Sounds like lots of fun!!