Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's Here...

Spring has least for the day! It was 79*'s yesterday afternoon and the hints of spring are everywhere. The wisteria is overloaded with buds and I think by Easter, we will have a gorgeous showing of purple. Sugar Plum Fairy and I planted herbs in pretty little pots that I discovered in my closet when shoveling items from there several weeks ago. I have finally made a neat table for the front porch and with the herbs on top, it looks like spring. The strawberry plant has little green berries and more flowers coming...
...and our scarecrow is finally finished and certainly looks scary! Sugar Plum Fairy and I found this perfect dress and hat at the thrift store last week and we think they match her blue hair and brightly painted face to perfection!The old oak tree (and yes, I want to tie a yellow ribbon round it!) is bursting with yellow and green and is playing host to loudly buzzing bees. The creek is running and the grasses alongside are so pretty!

Shaggy and Sugar Plum Fairy floated in a tube yesterday as well. Some of my favorite moments are watching these two together. He is so kind to her and she adores his attention.

Smokey even wanted in on the action!

"Let's Go Again, Shaggy!!!"

"Hey, Wait up, Sugar Plum Fairy!"

I love these two kids!

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Twisted Fencepost said...

Already floating?! It's not that warm here yet. I'm jealous!!