Sunday, March 14, 2010

Baby Gift

Coming up with a unique wedding gift or baby gift is always a challenge for me. One that I usually enjoy. I like to read through a couple's gift registry, discover their "colors" and tastes and then venture out on my own. Baby gifts are always fun to shop for because everything is so cute! We have dear friends who were expecting their second son last month and I wanted something special. Well, while perusing a favorite blog, I came across this and the wheels started turning. I needed to take the idea and customize it for D and J's new baby. I did some sneaking around...basically asked D outright what colors the baby's room were and what his name was going to be...Subtle, huh?
I knew that we wanted to take something for the new big brother as well, so I painted two boxes, one barn red and one mustard yellow. I then added stickers to spell out each boy's name. I created clip art on the computer, printed them onto iron on transfers and created the onesies. I even took the horseshoe, boot and hat and made matching stickers to go around the baby's box.

I even blatantly copied Sasha's baby card...I did E-Mail her for permission, which she graciously granted. D and J welcomed their new son on February 16 so Hubby, Sugar Plum Fairy and Lollipop Pop delivered the gifts and dinner to them a couple days ago. It was well received and I am grateful for such a clever idea! Thanks, Sasha.


Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

So cute!! You did a wonderful job on it too!

Jensamom23 said...

Thanks, Sasha!

Anonymous said...

VERY cute!!! Great job!