Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Love Where I Live

Okay, granted, there are serious issues plaguing this area but they mostly have some sort of political basis and I will NOT got into them here. Oh...and I don't like the fog in the winter or the 100+ temps in the summer....but when the Joad Family came into California in "The Grapes of Wrath" and saw vast green fields and orchards before them....well, that is where I am privileged to make our home. If I want to play in the mountain snow, I can do it in less that 2 hours...if I want to play in the sand at the beach, I can do that in a little bit longer. Playing in the sand is what I decided to do on Thursday. The kids had a 4 day weekend and so I gathered Lollipop Pop and two of her friends up and we headed to the ocean after school! We walked to the Monarch Butterfly Park were 1/4 of all Monarchs west of the Rockies reside from November to March. The weather was spectacular and the butterflies were flying all around us. If you look closely, you can see some orange dots in the sky...yep, that's them. (If you can't see them, just pretend...they were there)
The girls did what girls do best...talked and laughed and giggled. They played in the sand...
they collected
...and ate some yummy food! I took the girls to see one of the California Missions and Friend #1 took us to a place I had never been before. A beautiful rock labyrinth which the girls immediately worked their way through. Travelling with just girls of one age was refreshing and a joy to me. They are kind, interesting and calm when necessary...other than various fits of squealing and laughing that occurred from time to time. It does my heart good to know Lollipop Pop has such a loyal and fun group of friends and it was a privilege to spend time with them.


Twisted Fencepost said...

Oh wow, does that sound like fun!!!
The beach closest to me would be too cold to visit right now. I don't do cold. So I'll stay put. But when warm temps return I'll be begging to go see the sea!!!
Thanks for stopping in over at my place!

tipper said...

Never been to california-but would like too someday. Your pictures are great-and it looks like a fun day for all!

Like your post below too-kids should learn to cook. My mom always made me Chocalate gravy-my husband says its an abomination : )

michelle said...

That looks a little like the Santa Cruz area...:) Looks like fun! Love your blog! Found you on PW...:)

Farmerswife said...

Great pics! Love the last one, that is just beautiful.