Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What a flake!

Christmas has come and gone without mentioning what a fantastic one it was this year! I felt organized and under control for the first time in years! I kept the house picked up on a daily basis so that the wrapping monster (the one who dribbled strips of paper on the floor and sticks tape to the table and price tags scattered like confetti) that has taken over in years past never showed up and I was prepared for any drop in guests. I was excited about the gifts we gave and proud that some were made by our own little hands! Spending time with all of our family was the greatest gift I can imagine and it was received! The Advent Calender for Sweet Pea went over like perfection and actually helped me with my tasks, i.e. "help Mommy make fudge for the neighbors", etc. She adores helping with anything and it was fun each morning to watch her eyes light up as she learned of the daily deed. Having Shaggy and Peach Blossom home from school is the best! Although they bicker and quarrel and argue and poke and chase and did I mention bicker...they also have moments of fun and laughter and togetherness. The moments when they understand that they were not placed on this earth to torment each other are the ones that make my heart sing!
Last week, we all went ice skating for the first time! Living where we do, that involves a drive of a bit more than an hour, but it was so well worth it! The two older kids took to it easily, but Sweet Pea was wary at first and wouldn't let her death grip on Daddy go!
By the end of the afternoon, she was a natural and wants to go again soon.
New Year's Eve has never been a "go out and raise the roof" kind of holiday for me...heck, I'm thrilled if I actually stay awake until midnight! For the past few years, we have gone to a neighboring town to dinner at Olive Garden with about 20 people...mostly hubby's family. This happens EARLY...like 4:00pm. It is always a good dinner, the kids love it and we are home and off the road before the crazies appear. This year, I actually stayed awake until 9:30pm! Woo Hoo! Peach Blossom is a night owl like her father and they ring in the New Year for the rest of the family! I grew up with New Year's Day being a fun day filled with the Rose Parade, food, football, food, naps and food. The food was good and plentiful...the parade met with massive approval from Sweet Pea who loved the flowers and horses and bands. The naps began early in the afternoon just prior to me getting sick! Ughghgh!!!! Most of Saturday was wasted as well, but I am back to my normal self. Sadly, Miss Peach Blossom starts back to school this morning and I am sure wishing I were a Home Schooler.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful holiday. I feel for you, I was sad that my little Katie Bug had to go back to school today too.
Love the new look!