Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ornaments and Memories

Being the sentimental sap I am, simple things mean the most to me...the long empty bottle of perfume that my Hubby first bought me...the button necklaces that Shaggy and Peach Blosson made me eons get the picture. Anyway, our collection of Christmas ornaments always transports me to days of past. A pseudo Aunt and Uncle started my sisters' collection, as well as mine, 40 + years ago when we were born. They continued until we became adults and then our Mom took over. I have continued now with my own family, thus the memories. Take a trip down Memory Lane with me, won't you? The "special" ornaments each have their own original box with hand written notes on them, describing which ornament should be housed there. This box is the one that started this whole thing. The wonderful handwriting is my Mom's and many of the ornaments came from this magical store. Once a box is nabbed, the hunt is on to locate the matching is then wrapped in tissue and on to the next. As you can imagine, this takes time (4 hours to be exact) and a couple aspirin for the accompanying headache!

This box of ornaments were my grandparents'
and I have always loved them. They are a dark
red that is different than anyother on the tree.
They were made in Poland and the price tag
is still attached: Parson's Bros. 49cents.

Nearly 20 years ago, a Japanese Exchange Student spent a year with my parents. She came to this country as a joyful, happy teenager who immediatly entered our hearts as a new family member. She made ornaments for each of us and I treasure them today. Here favorite animals were bears, so she drew each of us a bear and then wrote a note on the reverse side. Mine says, "J. You are so kind and nice. Thank you about anything. I like you very much. Love Always, I".
Hubby's says,"A. You are so kind man. Thank you for anything. Love Always, I".

OUR Castle...

I would be hardpressed to choose a favorite ornament, but these two are way up there. I just love their silly eyes!

Until next year, my friends...

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Anonymous said...

Great ornaments and I love the messages that your exchange student friend left you - so sweet!