Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Daisy Lids

I don't know if Daisy Brand Sour Cream is available elsewhere, but my favorite part of it is the foil lid. Each one has a photo of a pretty flower and a quote. I used to save them...in a drawer...in the kitchen...where there is no extra space. Anyway, in a fit of not being able to find a whisk or tongs or can opener, I threw them out! Well, last week I bought a new carton and found this....
"Little Acts of Kindness Can Add Up to A Lifetime of Happiness".
I think I will start collecting them again...maybe find a real home for them this time!

1 comment:

klutzymama said...

How cool! I usually just buy the generic brand, so I had no idea, but I love that. I may switch brands just so I can read the quotes.