Monday, December 28, 2009

"This was to be posted last Tuesday BEFORE the invasion of the computer eating viruses!)

Because my gifts are all wrapped...not.

Because my baking is all finished...not.

Because the toilets are cleaned and the laundry is done...not and not.... I decided to spend the better part of today outside taking pictures of the sky.The blue was so clear and bright. The clouds were so pristine and the air smelled of good things to come.The branches of the walnuts are sleeping for the winter and offer hope for the future.

I then gathered my senses and went back inside to work my fingers to the bone.....yeah, right...until I saw this!The clouds were magical and I couldn't stop watching them! They just floated overhead and looked like a soft blanket covering the earth. I felt peaceful, serene and blessed to have taken the time to enjoy it.

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