Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Memories in the Making

My sister in law asked me before Thanksgiving if Sweet Pea and I would like to join her, along with my niece, other sister in law and a friend, at the Christmas Shopping Frenzy in the Outlet Mall beginning at 12:00AM...yes, that is MIDNIGHT! Well, since I detest shopping, crowds and can not seem to stay awake past 9:00pm, I immediately answered along the line of, "ARE YOU NUTS????" Well, one look at Sweet Pea's face and I changed that answer to, "I'M NOT going, but Sweet Pea can go with you." Well, over the next few days I came around...I usually do...just takes me awhile to get off of my high horse sometimes. Anyway, I decided that as much as I abhor shopping, crowds and sleeplessness, I love Sweat Pea oodles more! This would be a memory for us with JUST US.

So.... at 10:03PM, we hopped (not really) into the car and began the 30 minute drive to meet up with the other loons. We feasted on hot chocolate, laughed at people and marveled at the goofy teenage girls who decided that fashion was more important than warmth in their short skirts and boots. We all had breakfast together at 5:30AM, drove home watching the sun rise over the beautiful mountains and took a nap! I am so glad that I decided not to be a fuddy duddy! (Please don't judge me on the dustiness and smudginess of my car's matches the rest of the vehicle!)


klutzymama said...

I'm glad you decided not to be a fuddy duddy too! What a wonderful memory for the two of you!

Jensamom23 said...

Thanks, was a lot of fun!