Thursday, December 3, 2009

She's a Chewer

Last Friday, we spent a lovely afternoon and evening with my sister and her family in a neighboring town. As we drove home with full tummies and hearts, we encountered a strange substance falling from the sky. My dear husband said it was RAIN! I had not seen that in so long that I had forgotten. Anyway, as we drove into our driveway, I saw that the mailman had delivered three packages! Normally I would be thrilled....well, did I mention rain...and have I mentioned that Shaggy has a bat eared puppy who eats EVERYTHING? Have you done the math yet? Sure enough, one large box was wet AND had a large hole chewed through it. That gift happened to be an item my Mom had shipped to my address so Dad would not see it. Apparently, then said puppy decided she was cold and tried to chew though a plastic envelope holding a sweatshirt. When she decided that the plastic was taking too much time, she went on to the next box and pulled all the contents out. Thankfully, nothing was damaged and of course the rain didn't last long enough to ruin anything. I knew that our regular mail lady had not done this, as she ALWAYS calls me on my cell to make sure we are home before delivering anything. Since I have packages on their way to me, I left a note in the mailbox on Saturday asking that a delivery slip be left if we aren't home. Well....yesterday, my friendly mail lady caught me and suggested that I place a large labeled plastic tub in a specific spot for any packages. What a brilliant idea! Will save me from having to traipse into town and fight the post office. I was thrilled with such a simple solution...mind you, I did not think of it. Empty plastic storage tubs are plentiful as I decorate for Christmas, so I grabbed a large one, wrote a note to UPS and USPS, taped it on the tub and felt relieved. The puppy's shenanigans had been foiled!


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