Thursday, November 26, 2009


I am so very far behind posting on things here. I want to post about the harvest, about birthdays about band, about Halloween Carnivals, about 4-H etc. Well, BECAUSE of harvest, birthdays, band, Halloween Carnivals and 4-H I have not made the time to post properly. Today, however, I want to mention just a few of the things in which I give thanks for daily.

1. My husband and his unending patience with me.
2. My son, who at 15, is learning how to be a good man and doing a great job.
3. My oldest daughter, who is a bookworm and has a newfound love for....FOOTBALL!!!
4. My youngest child, who keeps us centered and focused on having fun and being kind to each other.
5. My parents who are able to love and enjoy their grandchildren on a regular basis.
6. My mother in law who forgets little things but remembers the important ones.
7. The memories that Sweet Pea and Shaggy have of their Grandfather.
8. Farmers in my state who feed much of the world and the few politicians than recognize that.
9. The country in which I live.
10. Books
11. Water
12, Naps
13. Hugs
14. Christmas
15. My friends

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