Tuesday, September 8, 2009


From time to time, I decide that I will turn over a new leaf and get this wacky and hectic life under control. When that happens, I dig out THE BOX. I do not know the origination of this box, but I am sure the idea came from my Mom...I have had it for years and years and when used, it really works. The premise is simple. Household chores are broken down , written on index cards and assigned to be done on specific days...For instance, this is what was to be done on the second Monday of the Month (M2):
Dust Blinds (this appears only once a month)
Clean fireplace ashes out (I get to skip this in warm weather)
Vacuum all carpets (this is on every Monday)
Wash clothes (laundry is an on going constant throughout the week, but I make sure all hampers are empty on Monday)
Clean Front Windows (again, a monthly chore)
Sweep wood floor (weekly)
Today is the second Tuesday of the month (T2) and this is what I am doing.
Wash area rugs
Clean Trash Compacter (Yuck!!!!!)
Dust overhead light fixtures and fans (monthly)
Clean kitchen woodwork and mop kitchen floor (weekly)
Straighten laundry counters and mop floor
Since I am an chronic list maker, this appeases my control freak nature. I spread the cards out each morning and as I finish a chore, I tuck it in the back of THE BOX. I have tailored it to suit our family and even include things like making weekly dinner menus and grocery shopping. I am determined to keep it up....maybe....will keep you posted!

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