Wednesday, September 30, 2009


As always, I feel that there is always something to do that doesn't get done. I don't like that feeling, and am trying to become very methodical and focus on one thing at a time. When that gets done, I move isn't going very well, however! I have finally finished painting Shaggy's bedroom...yes the same one I started 4 years ago...problem is that he is now 15 years old(next week) and no longer wants the little boy room we planned in the beginning. Anyway, the room is painted, his desk area is done but the shelves and bookcase are still in the garage waiting to be finished. See? I get sidetracked easily! In the beginning of September, I made my mind up to take part in a challenge. You can find it at I have been reading this blog for several months now and really enjoy Rechelle's way of writing. She is also a hoot. Anyway, all I had to do was to complete a project in the month of September. Easy? Not! I finally came to the conclusion that I was not going to build a chicken coop...I was not going to move the brick from the front area of the house to the pool area...I was not going to reorganize my recipe box....although THAT would have been a good one had I thought of it in time. Anyway, it dawned on me that my 4-H Cooking Project begins in a week and a half AND Shaggy's birthday is next week....PEOPLE will actually venture out to my house. I cringed. The yard was not very welcoming in its present state, so I made THAT my project!

It truly was a sad sight! The basil plants were trying to make pretty and lush leaves, but the flowers were sucking all of the poor plant's energy. They were tired. Poor St. Francis was disappearing into the jungle! The poor hummers have been mad at me for weeks!

The weather has cooled from 100* to low 80*'s in 2 days and I was ready! I scratched, and pulled and shrieked with I grabbed a toad!

I finally finished! I even dug out a few autumn decorations. The hummers will not yell at me through the windows tomorrow! The best part is that I am going on a fall plant buying spree tomorrow with my Mommy!

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wow! well done! /Marimor