Saturday, May 2, 2009

We rose yesterday morning and were in a neighboring town at 7:00AM! The 2 squeaky wheels got oiled (2 loud and grumpy kids got fed) but I forgot to feed the youngest, most quiet child until we were between locations. In the midst of Mommy guilt, I took her to McDonald's for breakfast on the way. She thought I was wonderful...the others (who went with their Dad), not so much. If you have never been involved in a livestock fair, you are missing out. The washing of animals, the sheering, the painting, the blowdrying, the clipping, the attempts to keep white jeans clean (can you tell I am mildly obsessed with this?), the nervousness of showing, the pride of winning, the disappointment in losing and the friendships made are well worth the efforts. Yesterday was a long and tiring day, but so much fun! The kidnicks both did well. Because I am a knucklehead and forgot the camera card at home, pictures will come later.

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