Friday, May 29, 2009

In a Nutshell

The following has all happened in the past 2 weeks...

Baseball has been in full swing for a month. There is only one more game at this point. Shaggy (batting) has had some great plays and some tough ones...guess that is the name of the game. He has rediscovered the love of the game!

Sweet Pea chopped her hair off for Locks of Love...almost 12 inches! The School Superintendent and Business Manager even took her to Jamba Juice as a treat!

Band concert with Shaggy and Sweet Pea. I wish I had let him become a drummer sooner...he's good and has enjoyed it...and he has the heart of a drummer. Sweet Pea uses the clarinet I used as well as her Norwegian Aunt! Mom and Dad sure got their money's worth with that purchase 100 years ago!

Peach Blossom had her last day of preschool and was an adorable cowgirl at the program. The hay bales were "scratchy".

Reward trip to a really cool University for Shaggy and Sweet Pea...I went, too!

Sweet Pea, Peach Blossom and I cleaned the muck from the bottom of the empty cement pond and filled it water. Not very pretty, but OH, SO REFRESHING!

This all happened yesterday...Photos beginning at 7:45AM and Graduation beginning at 7:00PM.

The photo on the top was taken while we all were swealtering in the heat and humidity. The photo on the bottom was taken about 20 minutes later when we were all praying that the skies would not open up until AFTER the ceremony. It didn't! The storm announced that the class of 2009 is strong and a force to be reckoned with!

Proud Grandparents (look at the sky on the upper photo)

The storm did indeed wreck havoc. Immediately after the ceremony the lightening and wind and dust hit with a vengeance! Then, the hard that while driving home, I could not see the lines and barely the edge of the road. Brought 5 boys home to change and then to the party.

The electricity was knocked out (ours did not get fixed until 6:15 this morning), broken branches and mud blocked the driveway, but because of candles, lanterns, great hosts and kids with fantastic attitudes, everyone had a blast!

With all of the fun we have had and the work and lack of sleep, one thing remains a constant in our lives...

I am in search of my sign!

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