Monday, April 13, 2009

Saying Good Bye

For Peach Blossom's birthday, she received a Butterfly Pavilion. She had seen one a year previously on an infomercial and remarkably remembered it. The Pavilion came with a postcard to send in for caterpillars when the weather became agreeable. The plastic cup with viewing windows was delivered with utmost care by our wonderful mail lady and the fun began. PB was thrilled and watched continually on a daily basis. We watched as the 5 began their ascent to the lid of the cup by means of a silk "net". After about 10 days, all five had attached themselves to the lid and hung upside down and the chrysalides formed. At this time, we relocated them to the Pavilion. PB faithfully checked on them and talked to them by their names...Lily, Miley, Analesia, Allie and Janessa. One by one last week, they emerged from their cramped quarters and began their life as Painted Lady Butterflies! They all made it! PB thought setting them free on Easter would be a nice thing. So each day, we picked a fresh flower and sliced an orange to place in the Pavilion. PB (and the rest of us) enjoyed watching them drink the juice with their proboscis. A special spot under the roses was located yesterday for PB to release her charges.

Lily immediately found a snack.

Janessa decided to stick around a bit longer before venturing out into the wide world.
"You are a good Mommy, PB."

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