Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Short Study of Me

When my Mom cleans a room or closet, I receive treasures. Yesterday, she presented me a manila envelope with the instructions to open later (ie, when kidnicks were not present...wouldn't want to traumatize them) When I remembered the envelope this morning and rushed to open it, I discovered this elementary school photo card and my immunization records...also a matching set of my sister's. Let's see...

Kindergarten....I LOVED that dress! It was black with tiny flowers all over it and Mom made it. I screamed on the first day of kindergarten...I met Kevin, who became my first long term boyfriend...kindergarten thru 4th grade.
1st Grade...That was my Sacramento dress. It was a pretty brown plaid with long sleeves. Mrs. Guard was my teacher and I am convinced she stole my Curious George book!
2nd Grade..I guess I REALLY loved my Sacramento dress!
3rd Grade...This dress was yellow...look at those BANGS!
4th Grade...Miss Newman was my teacher and she was a hippy from San Francisco. I thought she was cool! The dress, I remember was a cream colored wool with red and blue plaid. This is also the year Kevin broke up with me in the line going to recess. Still remember that.
5th Grade...Moved to a new town. School picure was taken at old school. Still remember getting that haircut! Vest thingy under the tie/scarf was bright blue. Blouse and tie/scarf thingy was white with blue polka dots.
6th Grade...Don't remember the dress...forgot I had that hair still. LOVED my teacher. Still see her from time to time and she remembers me!
7th Grade...Oh, that hair!!! I can still feel that turtleneck...soft and silky...wore a stick pin with it always. Note the perfect stick pin placement on my shoulder. I was also, apparantly the first person with the last name beginning with "B" in the class.
8th Grade...I went...I hair was longer...I promise!

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Rebcam said...

I can't believe how much you remember about the dresses...about everything! Now, you better not go posting mine!