Thursday, February 12, 2009

My 25 Things

I have recently joined Facebook and while I am enjoying certain things on it, I am not computer literate enough to take full advantage of its offerings. I have enjoyed having a live conversation with my Norwegian sister as well as learning 25 things about people I care about. I tried several times yesterday to enter my 25 things to no avail. Actually, I just could not figure out how to send them to people. Oh well. Here are 25 things about me that you may know, may not know or couldn't care less. Whatever. :-)
1. I met and kissed my husband for the first time in Neuschwanstein Castle...this was Disney's model for Cinderella's Castle
2. Four of the most important things in my life happened in 3 year intervals.
3. Because of #2, I always count in 3's to determine my anniversary and 2 oldest children's birth years.
4. My sister is my hero.
5. I want chickens.
6. Reading is part of my being.
7. I have become an early morning person. It is the only time of the day that is noise, no person asking for anything.
8. I could easily live without the television.
9. I like Dr. Laura.
10. I love to travel.
11. I like to return home from travelling even more.
12. I am a 4-H Leader.
13. My thumb is not green.
14. My husband says that plants come to our house to die a slow and painful death.
15. I am a loyal friend.
16. I detest dancing.
17. I am terrified of snakes!
18. I like rollercoasters.
19. I chose to be a Raider fan when I was little because I liked Black.
20. I still like black, but not the Raiders.
21. I prayed to have a son first.
22. I miss Allie.
23. I get sea sick.
24. My parents will be married for 45 years and I am proud!
25. I wanted to name Peach Blossom - Grace.

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