Monday, February 16, 2009

Four Day Weekends = Sleeping In

I think not! I had been looking forward to a nice and relaxing holiday weekend for ages. While it has been a nice one, it sure has been early every morning....albeit I DID take a 4 hour nap yesterday. Shaggy had a friend spend the night on Friday and then we were up early Saturday for basketball. Friend was on the opposing team, and while my evil plan of stuffing the kid so full of French Toast and Sausage that he wouldn't be able to move seemed to be working, Shaggy's team lost by 4 points. They played hard against a very good team though. I dropped the two off at the golf course for the day...what a gorgeous day it was! The snow is low in the mountains and more is said to be coming. What a blessing! Hubby and I went to a Valentine's Day Dinner at some friends' on Saturday night. Homemade Cioppino, lasagna, manecotti and wonderful veggies preceded individual chocolate heart shaped cakes with chocolate sauce. Yummy! Up early on Sunday to bid farewell to Sweet Pea who was heading to the coast with her cousin...also to make fresh apple muffins for them to enjoy on the way. This morning was to be the sleeping in day....well, woke up as usual at 5:30AM! I did get the weekly dinner menu made and hit the grocery store, though. I feel good about that! I also have a lead on railroad ties for our garden! Laundry is almost done... it has been a good weekend afterall!

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