Friday, April 19, 2019

Sucked In

I was at Dad's last week separating knitting yarn from unspun fiber at Dad's.
Everything was going along swimmingly until I found a tub.
A tub with no fiber or yarn.
I knew what it was instantly and I fought the urge to open it.
THAT didn't last long.
It was filled with pictures.
Old portraits and random shots.
I showed Dad and we pulled out a few.
We decided it would come home with me to sort though and go from there.
I didn't even bring it in the house until this afternoon.
I knew what was going to happen.
But, SPF has a friend over working on a project for school and I would be a bad mom if I interrupted them while I dusted and swept and such, right?
So I brought the box in.
And I opened it.
I got sucked in.
I then found myself logging into to research something! 
The history part MUST wait.
But this, I had to share.
My Grandma and Grandad B at Crater Lake with my Great Uncle Ernest (on the right)
Taken between 1958 and 1960.
Now, I'm going to find my floor under the photos and hide to box from myself. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Horses on a Sunday

 Gymkhana Season has finally arrived for our youngest. 
 There were some cancellations with races this winter and early spring due to the glorious rain we got, but I think that is behind us.
SPF got to spend the day with some of her best friends and cheer each other on.


Races were run, times were improved upon, mistakes were made and learned from...hopefully and no one got hurt.
That makes for  good day.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


SPF and three of her friends enlisted the assistance of a high ranking school official and her college age daughter to redecorate their homeroom teacher's room last month.
The girls met one evening, dressed in their black, stealth clothing (no matter it was broad daylight) and went to work.
Their teacher is an avid SF Giant, SF 49er and Star Wars' fan.
Decor included the Raiders, Dodgers and Star Trek items. 
And sticky notes.
Lot's of sticky notes.
I have had "Spill the Tea" explained to me but had to look it up for clarification.
It's a new saying meaning 
"To disclose information, especially of a sensitive nature." 
In my mind...spill the beans? 
Apparently, it's something they say in 8th grade.
Apparently, I'm old.
I received a video of the discovery the following morning and it was classic.
It made his year.
The girls laughed, giggled,  participated in some good, clean fun and made memories together.
I will miss this.

Monday, April 15, 2019


SPF's school has participated in a different sports' league this year. 
 The schools are a bit larger, although each is still one school district..  
They offer a wider scope of competition and the track meet it held at a local high school track.  
With bleachers for parents.  
That in itself is worth the change!
Anyway, our girl qualified to run the  110M, and 440M  relay as well as leap in the long jump.
She and her long legs placed 2nd in the run, 2nd to last in the relay
...baton handoffs are key...
and jumped more than 10 feet into the sand pit.
And we both got sunburned.
As this school year winds down, the realization that each event is the final one at this school
 is bitter-sweet.  
"pleasant but including or marked by elements regret" 

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Sunday Truism

Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil 
and you're  a thousand miles from the corn field.
~Dwight D, Eisenhower

Photo taken by SPF-2019. Shared with her permission

Friday, April 12, 2019

A Cherished Gift - New Info

Please take a moment and read the comments located at the bottom of the post.  
Dad shed some light and shared a funny.

Shortly after Mom passed away, my sister and I each received a box in the mail from our cousin.
A cousin who shares the love of gardening as her Auntie did.
It took me only a moment before I knew exactly where this gift would reside.
Years ago, Mom and I found two, tall and gangly iron topiary frames at a nursery.
We threaded them both into the car to get home....without skewering a child either.
They were planted with ivy when we lived in town and then transported here where they thrive.  Mom made the concrete mushroom in that bed as well,
I think there is an official name for that piece, but can't remember.
The stone man garden face was a gift from Mom and Dad.
And the garden fairy.
She was discovered at the Flower Show at the Cow Palace in San Francisco one year with Mom.
She has a matching one.
These sweet faces spoke to both of us.
So....the newest addition to this area fits perfectly.

And will be cherished for years to come.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

A Dork am I

Another of Mom's passions was genealogy. 
 The photos that she inherited or tracked down over the years are priceless treasures.  
They are also time sucking treasures.
Many of the photos I have seen before, but yesterday.  
Yesterday, I found a box with a photo of my Great Great Grandfather Don, a mustached man whom I am not positive about, my mom as a little girl on the ranch steps in Oregon and a beautiful girl in a set of silver frames.  
I kid you brain was spinning into its deep dark recesses for her identity. 

 It then dawned on me. 
She is the model who's likeness came with the frames!