Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday Truism

Enjoy your final day of April.
May will be here in the morning.
          May Baskets             
Let us take our baskets early
To the meadows green,
While the wild-flowers still are pearly
With the dewdrops' sheen.
Fill them full of blossoms rosy,
Violets and gay
Cowslips, every pretty posy
Welcoming the May.
Then our lovely loads we'll carry
Down the village street,
On each door, with laughter merry,
Hang a basket sweet.
Hey-a-day-day! It is spring now,
Lazy folks, awake!
See the pretty things we bring now
For the May Day's sake!

~Evaleen Stein

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Egg-speriment - Again

I was recently talking to SPF about an experiment we had done a few years ago.
  She had no memory of it.  
After I showed her this post, she kind of remembered.
Well,  we did it again.

And I had her form a hypothesis regarding our two colored eggs and a store bought white egg.
She prediscted that the fresh egg shellss would dissolve more slowly.
She thought the protective coating that gets washed off in mass produced eggs would protect the fresh ones a bit longer
Let's test it.
She covered each egg with white vinegar and immediately watched again as the carbon dioxide bubbles formed  as the acetic acid reacted with the calcium carbonate in the shell.

And then we waited.
The shells seemed to dissolve at the same speed, but the membrane  had a slightly veined appearance in the fresh eggs...maybe from the pigment?
We also noticed that by day two of the vinegar bath, the shell-less eggs had grown in size.
The membrane is slightly permeable and allows water in the vinegar to pass through. 
Pretty cool.

They also bounce.
With school on its downward slope for the year, do you have any cool science experiments for the summer?

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Pure Joy on a Face

This happened.
We also have a trainer.
Lessons have been learned.
Look at that smile.
Doesn't get much better than that.
(Although, if Little Joe had arrived as well, it might have been tad better)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Lumberjack and Homeless Birds

Last week, while I was mowing the lawn, I noticed this on the ground of one of the numerous trees that we lost over the past few years. 

As I investigated, I saw that birds had taken up residence.
Hubby brought out his handy dandy chainsaw on Saturday and went to town.

He was pretty sure one would fall into the dirt area behind the barn, but one can never be 100% sure.
I must say I was impressed.

 After the first one fell exactly where he wanted it to, he began on the 2nd tree. 
Again...exactly on top of the first one.
Lumberjack in the making.
The apartment complex that the woodpeckers had created was equally impressive. 
Good grief. 
  I fear they may move on to our half  dead (literally, split down the center) maple next.

But for now, the worst trees are gone, the wood is stacked and we have an area that looks suspiciously like a hitching post.

I wonder if that might come in handy one day.

Monday, April 24, 2017

A Weekend Rundown

To say that Easter weekend was filled to the brim would be an understatement.
To say that it was pretty near perfect would be an understatement as well.
Easter celebrations at various locations and a birthday dinner to squeeze in and hopefully make each special in its own right.
SPF and I worked hard all week ...the poor girl's school order to be able to relax and enjoy the few days we would all spend together.
Asparagus was roasted and chilled.
Birthday cake baked and frozen as well as our Easter morning coffee cake.
The requested birthday dinner twice baked taters stuffed and  focaccia baked.
The table was set.
We were ready to begin.
A friend delivered our oldest girl to us on Friday night and she went to dinner with her brother and cousin. 
Saturday was able to be spent coloring eggs and  just being a family together.

Saturday night, we would be celebrating  Easter with dinner at our home with most of my sister's family and our parents.
And, as is the norm, my sister heads up some sort of antic.
This year's entertainment included teaching her nephew how to blow out eggs.
And then a challenge.
Made my head hurt just watching.

Lots of laughter and fun.
And a yummy dessert.
Skinnytaste's Pavlovas.
The recipe isn't on her website, but this is similar.
I made a raspberry sauce and served fresh berries. 
The cream is a combination of whipping cream and Greek yogurt. 
It screamed spring.
We were just missing my nephew.
Never complete with someone missing.
After the dishes were done, the table was reset for Easter breakfast and bed called our names.
Since the Easter Bunny of old retired last year, Chris stepped up again.

A final  table setting change and mantle d├ęcor switch and we would be ready that evening for a 20th birthday celebration.
And no...I'm not weird.
Well, maybe a bit.
Then, with more food in tow, off to our nephew's home, who with his sweet wife was hosting Easter lunch. 

Watching their cute little boys hunt for eggs and open their Easter baskets was a hoot.
I was reminded of the abundant energy little people have.
Crazy amounts.
Fun, but exhausting!
Home again and more relaxing time together. 
From the fire pit to late night chatting at the dinner table.
I adored it all.
A departure back to college Monday morning had her carting gobs of food. 
Even a birthday cake that her Aunt had made for her, complete with a birthday bow.
I am always grateful for my family, but this weekend for some reason, I seemed to savor every single moment.