Friday, August 16, 2019


I have seemingly, a gazillion projects in my mind, but they all seem to require several "pre-project" completions before the main one gets tackled.
Case in point.
I am trying to organize our front closet with accessible and viewable storage for THE main project.
Without spending money.
For the last week, I have wandered the house looking for things I can repurpose for my new needs.
The small chest of drawers that hold our CDs!
I'm the only one in the house who still listens to CD's, so I started that pre-project....
Divided the ones I want to keep, the empty cases whose contents disappeared a decade ago and a pile for Hubby to sort through.
Easy, peasy and fast.
Yeah, right.
It also housed old photos and various other items that take time to look at and reminisce.
And wonder WHY they were in the drawer in the first place.
Here we have a photo of our son in the 6th grade in his elementary school track meet when it was still held at the local community college track.
I assume the ribbons are from that...but who knows for sure.
We have Miss LPP in Monterey on her 2nd Grade field trip to the Aquarium.
And we have me.
In 1988 standing in front of the Sound of Music House in Austria when I MET my Hubby.

Am I the only one this happens to?

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Travelling to Memories

This post has been sitting on my heart for nearly a month  THREE MONTHS.
There are so many facets to it but some of those facets are stories that are not mine to tell. 
I have decided to break this up into several posts...for my sanity and to not bore you to death.
Things to know....

*Mom and Dad have travelled to a Northern California Forest Service Retiree Reunion each May for years.  
The gathering has moved to McCloud, which is hop, skip and a lovely jump from Mt. Shasta and Dunsmuir.
Shortly after Mom passed away, Dad expressed his desire to attend.  
I immediately offered to be his chauffeur...he doesn't need one, but any chance I have to spend time in Siskiyou County makes me happy.  

*Dad and his brother, my Uncle  Lynn, had decided per phone calls that they wanted to visit and spend some time together.
  It had been years.
My Uncle's wife passed away last year and with their sister, brother-in-law and Mom dying within two months of each other, reality was put into perspective.

Uncle Lynn lives in the Santa Rosa area and we tried to figure out a half way point to gather.  Sacramento seemed feasible.
Dad and I wondered if it could work on our way to or from McCloud.
Most of my B. cousins live in that area, so I reached out to one of them to see if it could be arranged somehow.  
As with many families of divorce, there are bumps and hurdles to overcome.

Rather than having my Uncle drive to Sac. to meet us, two of his daughters offered to drive to Santa Rosa, pick him up and drive to Mt. Shasta.
His son would meet us there as well.
Without going into more details, this meant a tremendous amount to us.
Sadly my sister couldn't get away, but I kidnapped my youngest from school and she became the back seat photographer as well
Off we went to see old friends and reconnect with family.
If you have ever driven in California, you know that from the Central Valley, where we live to Woodland (north of Sacramento) is BORING!
And once you pass Redding and reach Shasta Lake, the feeling of mountain forests is usually what strikes a person most.

But last year, this area was devastated by the Delta Fire.

There were a  LOT of, "Oh My Gosh' and "Wow" utterances.  
It was fascinating learning from Dad as well.

I just called Dad on the phone (twice) to clarify a bit of this for me again.
Much of this land is owned in alternating sections.
Federal and private.
He showed us how in the burned areas you can often see the difference.  
The private lands have been logged, thus removing snags and fallen trees.
Before the fire.
No such thing happens on the Federally own sections.
More history includes that the land was originally part of a Railroad Land Grant.
Property was intended to be sold to settlers as a way to fund the building of the railroad.
Need to do some more reading on that topic.
The building of this country is so interesting and intriguing.

And the spot in the road that ALWAYS gives me a feeling of peace and homecoming.
A quick glimpse of Castle Crags.
The trees have grown and the camera must be at the ready to catch them from the freeway. 
SPF did it, though.
On passed Dunsmuir into Mt. Shasta.
I found a sweet house to rent that allowed space to visit and get to know each other again.
As I wandered the yard, I felt Mom with us.
Now, just to await the arrival of my uncle and D and L. be continued.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Be the Nice Kid

As summer "vacation" has come to a screeching halt in our neck of the woods, with students and teachers returning to school, these words are so very important.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Memories in the Midst of Chaotic Messes

Am I.
School begins this week.
For our freshman as well as our new teacher daughter.
It's all great stuff.
Just makes me harried and a bit flustered.
Add my tendency to become easily side-tracked and you have a recipe for chaos.
Take this room for an example.
Hubby's bathroom.
He found a bath rug that he really liked, 
so I  set out to simply mop the floor and take the mini blinds down from the door and clean them.
That let to cleaning the window...and then the door...then the walls...which led to me taking down the wallpaper border. 
Don't get me wrong. 
I was tardy in all of the tasks and they needed to be done.
I took down the antique creels that reside on the top of a cabinet and cleaned them.

Mom had given me my Grandad's years ago when I originally decorated the room with a fishing theme. 
I don't remember looking in it though, although I am sure I did.
Grandad's fishing license from 1970. 
It is in a holder from Mt. Shasta which leads me to believe it was issued just before we moved and he was up for a visit.
It made me smile and remember.
It made the mess of my side-tracked-ness worth it a bit easier to swallow.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

A Funny for Your Tuesday

Dad shared this silly commercial with us and I thought I'd spread the chuckles here.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday Truism

The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. 
You have to catch it yourself. 
~Benjamin Franklin

Friday, July 12, 2019

What I have Neglected Here

I have known I am behind in my postings, but looking through my photos from May alone, I realized that I am WOEFULLY behind.  
 There are some things that I put on the back burner because cohesive and understandable words eluded me. 
 Some, I just missed. 
May was intense.
It was exhausting.
It was fun.
It was an accumulation of 3000 miles in driving.
It was many things.
I actually made a list...because that's what I do...and will plug away at each item.
But, for now.....
In looking back from the end of April through May, this is where I stand.
The last Thursday of April, Hubby and I drove to Santa Barbara to watch LPP participate in her 
I did blog about that, but did not share her speech.

The following Wednesday and Thursday was spent with SPF in the Happiest Place on Earth.
Friday we were off again to Santa Barbara.
This time for the first of three college graduations in May.
Truly special indeed.
But then the wheels began falling off of my posting bus.
Mother's Day.

*And the day after that, a trip to Mt. Shasta with Dad and SPF.
There are so many things I want to share about those three days, but am struggling to find the proper words. 
The photos are already uploaded, but as soon as I look at them and begin to write, I walk away from the computer.
It was filled with reunions.  
Family, as well as the dearest of friends.
There were old hurts and new beginnings.
There were realizations that Mt. Shasta still feels like home to myself  AND my Dad.
There were new memories made and old memories remembered.
There was a locked Harry Potter closet with one of my offspring inside.
And through all of this, was the missing of Mom.
That's it in a nutshell.
The reason this post is hard.
I think this trip will have to be broken down in to several posts, so bear with me in the near future as I navigate that.
If you want.
* We arrived home from Mt. Shasta in the middle of our local fair.
No animals or 4-H this year for us, but SPF did enter several photos in the Open Division.
I want to share those.  
She has a neat eye for such things.
We then had my birthday, followed by a Tornado Warning.

 I drove back to Santa Barbara to help LPP move out of her house. 
*I left immediately after SPF Awards' Assembly and returned the next morning in time to unload my car and reload said car with decorations for SPF's 8th Grade Breakfast.
*And then the 8th Grade Graduation Festivities.
I am proud to say that the Ross Family trait of closing eyes in photos is alive and well in this girl.

A lot of asterisks denoting what is in my brain to share.
I hope.
And then we can revisit June.
I might even work my way through July before it's over.