Tuesday, October 6, 2015

This One Hurts a Bit

There is just something special about the child that made you a parent. 
There is no other person in the world that that can be said about. 
 Having a son was what I had prayed for all of my life.


Maybe because I always wanted an older brother.
 Who knows.
God did.

When Chris was in high school, we didn't always have the best relationship.
Being very much alike and at least two of us being VERY stubborn, created moments that made me wonder what was God thinking and what was I doing.
My Mom told me she even took back the statement she had made when I was a teen...
"I hope you have a child JUST LIKE YOU!"
I questioned my every move.
I pushed and he pushed back.

BUT as I look back on the years he has been our son, and the young man he is,  I am in awe. 
 I am proud at the hard worker he is.
 I am humbled by his compassionate heart and his true and strong sense of family.

He feels more deeply than would appear at first glance.

 And he likes his Mama again. 

Today, our baby boy...our first born child turns 21.
People always told me that kids grow up in a flash. 
 As each of ours have grown older, I thought I understood that. 
But 21?
It is different.
It hurts a little.
It is exciting, but 21 hurts..
So before I ruin this keyboard with my tears, I will close with this poem from a favorite book,

Twenty One
We've shared your childhood, you and I;
Now a young adult,
you are ready to fly.

The world is changing,
The future is yours;
Your zeal and diligence
Will open doors.

I've taught you the difference
Between right and wrong;
Your own life's lessons
Will succeed my song.

I had in my mind
Your destiny,
You did it your way,
As it should be.

I'm so very proud
To be your mother;
You warm my heart
As no other.

Stay true to yourself,
And follow your dreams;
I'm here for you always,
But you have been weaned.
I thought it might be fun to check out what I wrote about this man on his birthday since I began blogging. 
NOW, talk about tears. 


Monday, October 5, 2015

A Rainy Festa

LPP and one of her attendants rose early on Sunday morning and got all dolled up and ready to participate in a Portuguese Festa Parade in a nearby town.
I had to send a photo to our eldest daughter, AKA Our Festa Hairstylist who deserted us to go to college.
We obtained her approval.
 As we caravanned down the road, this was our view.
Very soon, the sprinkles turned into something a bit more intense.
(And no, I am not driving)

Not very conducive to capes and dresses worth small fortunes.
We all sat in our cars in the parking lot texting each other until official word came down that the parade was indeed not happening. 
 Once that occurred, we sent our attendant, her sweet and understanding family and our flag carrier on their merry ways. 
We visited with a cousin and then attended the Mass before driving back to the hall for Sopas!
The Senior Queen and one of her attendants (who live in this town) posed for the requisite photo.
While I feel badly for the Committee that puts so much work into the festivities, I think everyone was grateful for the rain.
At this point, no one really wants to look a gift horse in the mouth.
After the rain passed. everything sparkled. 
The blue sky.
The green trees and bright flowers. 
The sun spread such a gorgeous golden cast on everything it was hard to be anything but thankful.

And thankful we are.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday Truism

A friend is what the heart needs
all the time.
~Henry Van Dyke

Friday, October 2, 2015

Little Things That Matter

The news of senseless murders in Oregon yesterday broke my heart.
It broke my heart for the parents who lost a child.
It broke my heart that a completely normal school day could be so utterly shattered. 
Rather that worrying myself into a tizzy over something I couldn't control,  I found myself noticing the small things in my life that are good.
The M & M Cookies that I baked and mailed after a favorite college student of mine made a request.
The mug that we had given my mother-in-law years ago that now resides in our cupboard.
I had forgotten about it.  Shaggy was indeed Shaggy at his 8th grade graduation with Baba.

 Wedding dresses that my Mom made my sister and I hanging on the line.
I still remember wearing them.
The wedding was in the church we would both eventually be married in.

The simple fact that I am FINALLY learning that if I am not enjoying a book, I can STOP reading it in the middle, return it to the library and get more.
No one will judge me!
The first day all year that every window was open in the house with a breeze blowing though.
 It finally felt like Autumn.

What little things are YOU thankful for today?

Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Look Back

I have a feeling October is going to be an awesome month. 
We get to see our girl for the first time since she left for college.
Our son has a significant birthday.
The weather will have to cool down.
 Our walnuts will be harvested after another stressful year of drought.
My parents are visiting new places and will have tales to tell and photos to admire.
Did I mention we get to see LPP?
Here's a look at the past years.
October 1, 2014
While at the time, I thought this was the best news ever, it got better this year. 
Mom's doctor pronounced her "PERFECT".
 I concur 100%.
October 1, 2013
I had to laugh out loud at this post.
 While I didn't MOVE to Colorado, I DID fly with LPP to have Denice take her senior pictures!

 She is THAT good.
October 1, 2012
When I look at my Dad today, I can hardly remember the worry we were experiencing 3 years ago.
God is good and doctors are amazing!
September 30, 2011
Seems weekends and sunsets have always been among my favorite things.
October 1, 2010
I don't participate in "Linkys" anymore, but Kristin's new site has gorgeous photography and yummy sounding recipes.
October 1, 2009
Sugar Plum Fairy began this blog at Sweet Pea...seems like eons ago. 
 I ran across this CD the other day and that particular song STILL has the knack for becoming embedded in my brain. 

Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cooking Again

I couldn't stay away. 
After 2 years of not being a 4-H Cooking leader, I'm back.
I always enjoyed doing it, but scheduling the meetings around my own high school daughter's events was difficult. 
Now, I can make the time and not feel any guilt. 
 I have put a maximum number of kidnicks in the project this year as well.
(Older and wiser) 
I need it to be at a number that is safe as well as a number in which all will be able to help and participate. 
SPF is also old enough to be my Junior Leader this year, so it is a win win. 
 We have been brain-storming on what to teach.
 Basics like how to boil an egg...how to make rice...how to make commonly purchased processed foods from scratch easily.
 I am still fine tuning each meeting to incorporate learning and fun.
That's what cooking should be. 
The earlier children learn the basics of preparing healthy food, the better and there is really nothing intimidating about the kitchen.
Looking back on your cooking experience, what is the most important thing you learned?
What has been the most valuable to you?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Number 14!

A friend recently posted a link to the "Top 15 Small Cities in California". 
She posted it because smack dab in the middle at #8, is a town just down the road here and where she lived much of her youth. 
I agree that Exeter is a terrific town!. 
In fact, we very seriously considered moving there before we ultimately chose this house instead. 
My only jab at the article is the fact that it mentions Exeter is a coastal town. 
 Hmmm...I wish!
While I tend to be on a but of a negative soap box regarding my state right, there are some wonderful gems here.
As my snail speed server was downloading (or uploading) the photo of #14, I recognized it...
 pixel by pixel.
The place where my Dad went to high school.
A place of my childhood.
The place where stairs led the way from Grandma's house to town.
The home of the best water on the planet.
It has seen tough times, but seems to be on the upward swing again and that makes me happy.

Number 7, Montague, is also in that same area.
My happy place.
I have been to quite a few of the towns, but number 10 left me flummoxed.
El Segundo.
Where LAX is.
I never would have qualified it as a small town, but then again I have been wrong before!
If you are familiar with California, what are your thoughts on the list?
Are there any places they missed or just got wrong?