Friday, October 31, 2014

Harvest 2014

After a year of tumultuous farming, our walnuts were harvested. 
This season began with no water and proceeded with very hot temps which have turned into very warm days. 
These trees need some cold nights to tell them that it is time to let go of the nuts and prepare for the winter. 
That last part had not quite happened. 
Still needed a couple more weeks, but the dehydrator was closing on Wednesday and from there they are sold to our processor. 
We were between a rock and a hard place.
 The harvesters arrived and began the dusty process. 
 Remember, we have had no measurable rain in months and months.
The leaves are coated in dust and while we irrigated a couple weeks ago in preparation for harvest, it was still dusty.
Lollipop Pop's golf tourney was this day as well. 
Hubby and I both decided that watching our girl play one last time was more important than staying home and fretting over the crop. 
There was nothing we could do or change. 
My sweet sister in law picked Sugar Plum Fairy up from school and drove by the orchard. 
 She sent a picture of the nuts being loaded.
The trees are alive and while not producing nearly what we had hoped, they are alive. 
We survived.
We are fortunate.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Lollipop Pop's high school golf career is officially over and what a great career it was.
She had never played golf before her sophomore year and certainly held her own this year. 
Her team went undefeated for two years straight and won their League both years as well.
At the League tournament, 5 of the top 6 players were from our town...three were from this team...

 After the League tourney, the girls advanced to Area last week in which they faced the winners from the other Leagues in the vicinity.
From there, the team advanced to the Valley Tourney earlier this week.
It is here that one witnesses the complete domination of the sport by schools that are bigger, richer and much more competitive. 
Their Coach is a tremendous man who gives his entire being to supporting and encouraging these young ladies, day in and day out.
While they did not advance to the state tourney (I am so thankful), they deserve to be proud.
Their parents sure are.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I'm a Slacker

ACTUALLY, the bottom picture even has me beat...
...mine are still in the back of the car...
...since Saturday.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Flies and Mutterings

Sunday dawned with blessedly cooler weather and flies. 
 It was almost as though they knew their end was near and they covered window screens and garage ceilings. 
Slow moving and creepy.
It will just take a couple cold nights and they will all die. 
Sadly, we are warming up again tomorrow. 
Not sure what this post is about other than I am tired of warm weather....
I want it to feel like fall for more than a couple hours every few days and that flies are driving me batty!
Oh...they are also harvesting our walnuts today...
...Lollipop Pop and her high school golf team will be playing in the Valley Championship Tournament.
Oh...and college applications are almost done.
Did I mention I detest flies?
My youngest says that she likes her teacher's fly swatters better than mine. 
She said her teacher's never is used.
Not sure if that is good or bad.
I am not certain if I am coming or going.
Today is my nephew's birthday...
The crying one is my son and the content quiet one is my nephew.
HOW are they both no longer teenagers?
Their Granddad would be very proud to see the young men they have become.
This marks the last of the October birthdays in our family.  
The first November one is next week.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Test Your Awareness

This was shown in my daughter's psych class and is fun....

Will you share what you came up with?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Truisms...or Not

My sister is a teacher and for years has shared words of wisdom from her students with us.
I think a book filled with these gems would be a best seller.
Now mind you, these students are in Junior High.
In defining the word CHUTE, one student quipped that it is something on a train...    
"You know, that part that goes 'chute, chute'".
When asked to write about a famous quote that has inspired, one young lady used
"Sting like a bee, fight like a butterfly."
Enjoy your Sunday!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Visiting the Past

Earlier this week, Lollipop Pop and her high school golf team, after winning their league, played in the Area Tourney. 
 It took place in the town north of us. 
The town in which my Dad and his family moved to when they first came to California. 
The cemetery is where all four of my Great Grandparents are buried as well as my paternal grandparents. 
I had not been in many years and wanted to make the time to do so before golf.
  My ever supportive Hubby agreed and off we went. 
While I never knew any of my Great Grandparents, they are with my each day.
  The organ that I have, was originally given to Emily as a wedding present from HER parents. 

 It was treasured by her  and then her granddaughter, my Aunt Jan who passed it on to me. 
I was and am still honored beyond words.
I think Emily would be pleased that it is still loved and cared for after so many years.

Many of the stories that my Grandma shared about her family were hilarious. 
 I need to sit down with my Dad and write them down. 
I wonder if my cousins would write the ones they know down know who you are.
 What a gift to pass down to future generations.
As I was trimming grass from Delia Mariah's gravestone, I got a wet footprint on it...lousy picture.
Growing up, I always adored her sister's names...
Sarah Carolina
Sophronia Elizabeth...
 Ethel Pearl Lillian.
They sounded romantic and exotic for some reason.
  This guy's lineage is far reaching and exciting....Civil War Veteran and is also the tie to the American Revolution!

And of course, the two people whom if not for, I would not exist.
 Granddad died when I was a little girl but my memories of him are vivid...just not enough of them.  My Grandma on the other hand was every girl's dream of a grandma. 
She was loving, funny, energetic and made the BEST Oatmeal Raisin cookies on the planet.
I was blessed to know her as an adult as well and I miss her.
What a great lady she was.