Friday, May 26, 2017

I Feel Blessed

What a lucky lady, I am!
My birthday celebration began with a delicious and fun dinner with all three of our kidnicks and my hubby a day early.
We tried our town's new Teppanyaki Bar.
Our chef was fantastic and we visited with a man who was seated with us. 
Great night!
Yesterday, was filled with friends and family texting and visiting with birthday wishes.
Seriously, lucky am I.
Today, I get to travel to my favorite place ever.
LPP, my parents and I will be attending a memorial service. 
I introduced you to Mr. and Mrs. Marshall several  years ago.
Mr. Marshall passed away on Christmas Day and his lovely bride several days afterward.
Their family decided to celebrate their lives when no blizzard was in the forecast and this weekend is it. 
While it is an occasion with sadness, I believe there will be more pride, love, laughter and stories than anything.
I am honored to be going with my parents who put me on the path to know such tremendous people.
And humbled that my girl wanted to tag along.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


When I was a little girl, I had the romantic idea of always wanting an older brother. 
My dad's antics as told from my Grandma's mouth might have made a little girl rethink her getting his sister to wash all of his heavy, wool, work socks by hand one summer because she thought he knew what she had done.
She had done something, but he was unaware. 
Or the time during his sister's slumber party, that he gathered and my grandma sewed all of the pajama legs closed and then locked them upstairs.
Or the time he riled up his nieces and nephews at the holiday dinner table when they had been told to be on their best behavior and his sister hit him over the head with the gravy ladle.
Yup...good times with a big brother.
Well, I didn't receive a big brother, but our girls did.
He irritates them as much as my Dad irritated his sister, but in the end, they know he's got their back.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Another Year Gone

Another Fair Season has passed.
Since we had no market animals, we had it much easier than many others.
Other than preparing the indoor projects, SPF only had rabbits.
The heat held off until Friday, so we can't complain too loudly.
The bunnies have been returned home, thanks to some good friends who helped us out, and are now lounging the air conditioned house being spoiled.
As always, I am in awe of the creativity our youth possess. 
While there didn't seem to be as many, the cakes were beautiful as were the photos.

The woodworking that our high school members in FFA create are gorgeous and show true craftsmanship. 
Sewing and horticulture were well represented and so clever.

This year's fair theme was The Grazin' is Amizin'.
SPF's table setting and menu was kind of a farm to table theme set atop a placemat of grass for the grazin'.
Creative, I thought.
There are quite a few  sharp shooters as well....both in riflery and archery.
 As I look at all the indoor projects and watch kids from ages 9 through 18 walking and feeding their animals before and after school.
I am proud. 
These kids are our future.
These kids have a sense of responsibility, compassion and service.
They help one another.
They understand where their food comes from and the value of effort put into something.
I am also proud of the parents and leaders who selflessly give of their time to help guide this next generation of adults.
It's a good thing.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday Truism

Poetry and music are very good friends.
Like mommies and daddies and strawberries and cream -
they go together.
~Nikki Giovanni

Today is National Strawberry and Cream Day.
How will YOU celebrate?

Saturday, May 20, 2017

I Feel the Need for Tissues

This little girl.
This little girl is the daughter of one my Hubby's closest cousins and is his Godchild.
We spent lots of time together when our kiddos were little, including a trip to the Azores....which I forgot to gather pictures before this moment.
Oh Well.
Her Dad was the "MC" at our own wedding and a larger than life man.
When Sam was 7 and her brother 2, that larger than life man died suddenly and tragically.
In the 17 years since, life went on.
There were dark days, but there have been many, many bright ones.
Sam's spirit and light has always shown from the inside and is contagious.
She is compassionate, hard working and kind.
And smart.
She intended to be a teacher when she graduated from college last year, but has decided to add more schooling to become a Family Therapist.
She wants to help people.
Not surprising.
She does that without trying.
Tonight, that beautiful, blond girl will be saying "I Do" to her love.
As I watched my husband  and Evan step into and up to their nontraditional roles at rehearsal last night, I realized something.
That larger than life man was everywhere.
In the beautiful blue skies and shady, green trees.
In the laughter and love of those watching.

I asked Sam a couple days ago if I could post a few old photos of her and write something on my blog.
She readily agreed and I thought about how I wanted to tell this part of Sam's story, but it wasn't until I saw these two photos that I knew.
I knew what I wanted the world (or at least some of the world) to know.
I saw something.
In her fiancé's eyes.

This man adores her.
He adores her and takes care of her in the way she deserves.
They compliment and balance each other.

It is beautiful and it makes my heart sing with joy.
And my eyes overflow.
I must find tissues.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

It's a Thing

This would certainly be more kind to the pocketbook as well.
More comic relief, too.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


This year's installment of our water saga is decidedly more upbeat than in the past.
It was three years ago that our new agriculture well was dug.
It was two years ago that we also lost our domestic well.
Two years in which my sweet hubby filled a tank with water from the ag well which then flowed through our domestic tank and into the house.
Two years in which water outside was used to keep only certain plants and trees on life support. 
Not all survived. 
Years when ears became fine tuned to the sound of water running in the bathroom for a fraction of a second longer than necessary followed by the words,
"I hear water running".
Years when the sight of water drilling rigs was a daily occurrence.
Then, this winter happened.
We had rain.
And mountain snow.
And lakes began filling up and the fear of snowmelt and overflow became a reality for many people.
For us, we have been very lucky.
Our property line runs adjacent to the slough which is used as flood control.
Until this year, the last time was saw water in the slough was in 2010.
This January, it looked like this.
In March, this happened because we had heard rumors that the flow would be turned of shortly.
Fast forward to the middle of May.
Water is still being released from the lake and with increasingly warmer temperatures on the way, it will continue.
What does this mean to us, other than enjoying the convenience of riverfront property?
It means that our domestic well is now pumping water directly into the house and that the water level in our ag well (in addition to the domestic) has risen at least 30 feet.
It means a bit of a respite from that stress.
It means that there are a few more seconds in the bathroom before I announce I hear water running.
Not many more, but a few.
We are so very grateful.